littoral nord marina
dbaye, lebanon

The commission was to develop a detailed design including infrastructure, landscape, traffic, parking, lighting, urban furniture and finishing works for this 700 berth Marina located on a square kilometer landfill north of Beirut. ngª had originally worked on developing the basis for a master plan for the million square meter landfill ten years earlier as an associate of the Ricardo Bofill Barcelona office.

Working in a joint venture with Bofill, ngª turned the Marina into a green oasis, transforming the marine safety superstructure of 7 meter high wave breakers over 350 meters into a lush backdrop for the calm waters of the port.

The Design includes a 100 meter long pool in the triangular tip of the Marina’s wave-breaker. Surrounded by water, the open sea on one side and the harbor’s entrance on the other, the pool area offer the experience of an ocean liner’s deck.

urban design on 150,000 m²


joint venture: nabil gholam architects and Ricardo Bofill
owner: Joseph Khoury
electro-mechanical engineer: SERT
contractor: SNE
3D images: AXYZ